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Regulating AI: Discrimination and Data Efficiency

Last September, Wired released an article The Fight to Define When AI Is ‘High Risk’, which addresses the shared concern of more than 300 organizations regarding the EU's Artificial Intelligence Act and the safeguarding of people against potential harm from AI and the effects of their applications. Tech giants like Google and Facebook are rather obviously against what they style as over-regulation, or intend to differentiate between suppliers of 'generic' AI and its deployers, as the article st...
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Situation the Project: Engaging Multiple Disciplines

This post was first uploaded to, on 25 February 2022. As Erik Tjong Kim Sang mentioned in the first news update, he and Stefan Andrade have been working on the project for several months now, both part-time. One of the main roles of the project, a full-time post-doctoral researcher (me), started on the project in the beginning of this year. I'm very excited about this project, as it touches on many dimensions I find important and interesting to do. In this f...
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